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The Benefits of Dance

There are so many benefits of dancing, and not just the obvious physical ones. Dancing can improve your mental health, your mood, and your social skills. So what have you got to lose?!

Dance is a great form of exercise to keep you fit or to lose weight. If you enjoy dancing it is often the best choice of exercise; it’s fun and you won’t think of it as a workout! It improves your cardio fitness, it helps to tone your muscles and give you the body you’re looking for. Every type of dance is different, so it’s important to choose the best one for you.

Salsa is great to lose weight as you can start at a lower level and work your way up. The tempo of the music varies and the steps become more challenging as you learn more. Dances like the jive and jazz are faster paced, suiting people with good stamina and fitness. Ballet is very technical and controlled, and great for previous dancers to improve stamina, flexibility and strength. Ballroom dances are great to keep fit, as it requires movement around the floor but not at a fast pace.

Dancing can also improve your mental ability, primarily your memory. Dance routines involving different steps and arm positions, whilst moving in different directions will help your memory capacity an extreme amount. It has also been suggested that dancers are less likely to be sufferers of dementia when they are older. Co-ordination is also developed through dancing.

In addition your mood is affected by dancing, as it relieves stress, gives you a ‘time-out’ from your daily life and generally cheers you up! Dancing improves motivation in all aspects of your life and builds your confidence, not just as a dancer but as a person.

The social benefits of dancing are also attractive. Starting a class alone means you can make new friends and improve your social skills, however starting a class with a partner can also be a great opportunity. Doing something new as a couple can improve the relationship and reduce tension. Often you will have fun, and maybe even rekindle a passion that may have taken a back seat due to a busy lifestyle and stress.

When you take all of these factors into consideration, it is clear that dance makes a great hobby and form of exercise. Why not try something new!